About Panaseer

Panaseer's mission is to help Security Leaders and teams become cyber-security risk intelligent. To empower enterprises with a scalable view of the truth to conduct business in the digital world with confidence and control.

Our Panaseer Platform is a powerful tool for managing and improving an enterprise's risk posture and cyber hygiene practices. It takes data from security, IT and business solutions to present an accurate and up to date view of Enterprise Cyber Hygiene. By automating data processing, risk analysis and remedial action, it helps Security, Risk and IT teams collaborate more effectively on what matters most.

Based on open source technologies including Hadoop and Spark, we believe automation, insight, and visibility are the first steps to successfully managing risk and delivering good Enterprise Cyber Hygiene. With pre-determined metrics and best practices we arm organisations with real-time continuous threat detection and response, allowing any organisation to proactively defend against cyber-attacks and keep their devices safe and utilised to their full security potential.

Our team comprises a diverse range of engineers, data scientists and cyber security domain experts with significant experience in identifying the most sophisticated attacks on large, well-protected organisations.

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